I’m like that old hermit who only comes out of his hidden home to give words of wisdom to those rare folks who adventure deep into the creepy woods and over the suncracked mud of the badlands. Only… I’m just ramblings, not being helpful.

You know what sucks? Self control. Like you really want that last brownie but your brain has a conversation that goes something like: “Oh, I want that! Buuut…. I shouldn’t… Oh, I’ll just work it off later! Buuut…. I don’t really want to workout so that won’t happen. I just won’t eat it. … … … Who am I kidding? That brownie is mine! DIBS!” And then you eat it and then next time you try on your favorite pair of pants they don’t fit. Moral of the story, brownies are evil. Nah, just kidding. But for reals, self control is like way hard. It’s also really satisfying. And then there is self control’s comrade – Perseverance. He’s kinda hard to get to stick around, but once he’s there he usually stays for a while. So if you’re gunna quote me, here is the ‘Too long, didn’t read’ version. ‘Self control and Perseverance seem like cool people.Go make friends with them.’

Life recently has been…. Well it’s been life, ya know? Unpredictable, wearisome, amazing, energizing, scary, exciting and every other adjective one could think of.

Some days you wake up and it’s a miracle you get out of bed at all, other days the second you open your eyes you’re ready to take on the world. Sometimes you’re stuck in a rut for days at a time and sometimes you’re practically walking on clouds. Crazy how that works.

You know what else is crazy? That I’m going to be 20 next month… Kinda blows my mind. So is the fact that I have simply the most amazing woman who embarked on the  wildest adventure with me… JoAnna, if you’re reading this – You are a wonderful human being and when you smile, a butterfly hatches somewhere in the world!

Ever been socialonely? That’s when there are people all around and you’re not actually alone, but the one person you want to hang out with isn’t around so you’re just lonelys Yeah, that’s me sometimes.

Have you ever thought about what you would say if by some chance you got famous and went on a talk show? Yeah, I have. I would amuse myself at least.

So yeah, life’s been happening and I’m doing my best to hold on.








One thought on “Randəm

  1. Wow ! Matthew you are so real. You are so advanced at your young age. To preserver is a gift you want to hang on to. Yes, Perseverance like Faith Hope and Love it is really needed and you have to hang on to them all. Have you read that book I sent you as yet. It is not to change you in anyway but to help you know all you’ve been given and why.
    I love you forever;


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