I don’t think anything can emotionally prepare you for a phone call saying a dear friend and mentor is having trouble breathing.

Or for arriving on the scene seconds after the ambulance – and seeing a still body on the ground. Every fiber of your being tense, worried, hopeful, terrified.

Nothing compares to the huddle of people all praying for the life of their friend. The fervent feeling in the room, the hush so deep you can hear a pin drop.

The sound of a defibrillator, and voices of the firemen, “Clear.”

These are the moments that are seared into our brains.

The tight embrace of a sobbing body – frail and heaving from the emotional exertion of the thought of losing a father – Giving all the comfort I can to a young woman who while not related to me, is as much a sister to me as my biological family.

The tiny whisper from a dry throat, “They found a pulse…”

The wave of relief, the choked back tears: I will never forget these moments.



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