January 1st…

The start of a new year. Every year I wonder why everyone makes such a huge fuss over it. Why rush the journey to eternity? Do they actually care about bettering themselves and those around them? Do they care about changing the world, or is it just another excuse to get wasted and get paid for it.

As I sit on my bed, having just finished day 1 of my MacArthur daily Bible(A Christmas gift) I can’t help but be completely overwhelmed with how much God has blessed me. How much I’ve changed for good or how much I have stayed the same – For bad.

It’s just after 2, I have the day off and I’m enjoying the quiet, the fact that I could sleep in. I wish for a cup of tea, but I don’t feel like getting up and making it. I have a blog post to write after all. How petty.

From the other room I hear one of my sisters singing Silent Night. The mumbled words that she doesn’t quite remember, but the clear and joyous chorus. I am humbled – I want my praise to be like that. Sure it gets messy and maybe I don’t remember some of the words, but the chorus – What we always return to, the repeated stanzas that echo in our minds, I want to sing it with no shame! I want my life to be ablaze with my love for Christ! That’s what the new year means to me – forgetting my mistakes of last year, and in the new? Laughing, learning, growing, praising, giving thanks.

Happy 2016!

– Cheers.






365 days

Eeyup, it’s been 365 days since I started this blog… Not all that much to show for it really.

I didn’t even manage to post once per month. But hey, that’s the past, right? We have a new year on its way and with it – new beginnings. I honestly rarely make new year resolutions because I know myself and for the first few weeks it’ll be cupcakes and dandelions – and then I totally fail whatever and think to myself, “Self… I can’t believe I tried to not [insert whatever] for almost two weeks! I was so dumb last year!” and that’s that.

But this year… I actually care.

But first we have Christmas! I honestly love Christmas! It usually means some snow, a crisp morning, hot chocolate, a great time with my family around the tree and gifts.

One thing it never means though – sleeping in… Not for me, not for my parents and not for my siblings.

As a kid I was usually too excited to be able to get much sleep and now my younger sibs’ wake me up because they’re too excited. Meanwhile, my parents catch a wink here or there because they were up long after us kids as they prepared the morning for us all.

But anyway, back to gifts: I love giving them. I like watching people open them, especially when I’ve over hyped their gift so much that it’s all they can think about. Yeah, it’s way too fun.

I like getting them too. Although I never give out a list anymore of the things I want. Why? Well, because if someone wants to give me something, then they’ll have actually thought the gift out and spent sometime picking the right one. That means way more to me than just checking off my wanted ads.

So, since it’s usually a thing to send out a Christmas newsletter, I’m going to share some of the stuff and gifts in my life right now.

Well… the biggest news, really, is that this wonderful person is now my girlfriend!

Yeah, she amazing. Because some of you don’t know her, let me just list a few things about her. I know I could spend the rest of this post going on about how wonderful she is, buuuuut – I won’t… how lame.

  1. She has a heart for the Lord.
  2. She is constantly teaching me new things.
  3. She’s beautiful.
  4. No matter what mood I’m in, she can cheer me up.
  5. She loves dogs.
  6. She makes great coffee!
  7. And even better chai lattes!
  8. She is exactly 9 months younger than me.

So there’s 8 things.

Here’s a picture of us the night I asked her to be my girlfriend.


Funny story, I planned to say something witty or poetic, but when it came down to it… I got so darn nervous I wasn’t sure if my tongue would even work. So I pretty much just looked her in the eyes and asked, “Would you be my girlfriend?” She was beaming when she said yes. That was pretty special.

Girlfriend, if you’re reading this, I thank the Lord for you and your family and I pray for you every day! This is a grand adventure we’re on!


My sister, The Polkadotted Plum, has a birthday tomorrow! So if you didn’t know, now you know. My gift to her is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. I totally can’t wait for her to open it!


The 8th, which was last Tuesday, was my one year job anniversary, so…. yay me!

So yeah, lots of good stuff happening! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!



Hey people! Guess what – yes… I know it’s been a gajillion years since I posted… but enough about that!

For reals, tho – I finally joined Instagram! So now you can follow my idiosyncrasies there too!


How fun is that? Way cool.

Also… be forewarned – I Insta’ like I blog… (Read: not nearly enough)

And yes, Friday was yesterday, but Fashion blast! My manager, who is awesome, gave me the most legit’ coat the other day:

Be jealous:

IMG_3553 - Copy


Outdoorsy stuff

IMG_3516 - Copy

I spent some time on the other side of the mountains. Wonderful crisp mornings, made cheery by instant apple cider and/or coffee left over from the night before. (That stuff could wake hibernating bear and give him energy until summer) Long hikes early enough in the morning that I could watch the sunrise crest the cow trodden knolls. The silent and strangely alien-like wind turbines that populate the hills like huge sentinels.

IMG_20151019_075601 - Copy

I also got to see a lot of deer and other animals, like coyotes and bugs… lots of bugs. You couldn’t talk without getting a bug stuck in your teeth. Lots of extra protein I guess.

IMG_3518 - Copy It was good time.

– Cheers


I think I already used the quote about my death being an exaggeration so I’m not going to start this post with that.

Life had been pretty good to me lately – Besides leaving me with little free time, but I’ve been very blessed with what I do have. One of the best feelings is rolling onto your bed after a long day. It almost makes it worth while, ya know? Just stretching out and letting your muscles relax. Slowly your eyelids begin to droop; your head finally stops working like a freight train. Moments later you drift off to sleep. I love that feeling… I just like sleep in general, ya know?


Ten awesome things

So, for those of you that don’t know… Satellite internet connections are super dumb. Mine wasn’t working for a few days, but that’s okay. It’s good to disconnect once in a while. It also made me stop and look around at some of the awesome things in life.

So for your reading pleasure: Ten awesome things. Some new, some not so – but awesome none the less. And no, it’s not in any kind of order. Except maybe the first one…

  1. Sleep.
  2. Dirty Chai coffees.
  3. New cologne! (Gucci: Guilty and it smells fantastic)
  4. Showers.
  5. Time spent with family.
  6. Books.
  7. When you take a selfie and it actually turns out pretty awesome on the first try.
  8. Watching movies in the cinema.
  9. Best friends.
  10. Gummy fish.

I could go on and on…


Paris in the rain

There was something about the rain – the sound of the clash of the natural and artificial as the drops pattered on the awning overhead. It was inspiring. The torrential downpour was washing away the grime from the streets of Paris; rivers of rainwater threaded the cobblestone and seeped into the drains.

When the rain had started, most of the patrons of the small café had either left or vacated to the warm interior that smelled of baked bread and freshly brewed coffee. Save for one, a wiry man. His face was clean shaven and his hair cropped neatly, but tussled from the hat that was now opposite him on the table. Before him sat a half eaten pastry, a perfectly straight croissant that denoted its purity of butter. His hand rested on the table, and his finger circled the rim of his mug. The mug was still warm from the beverage that he had recently finished off with a contended sigh. All around him automobiles and strangers hurried through the rain to get away from its chilling drops. The sounds of muffled conversation drifted from the café door and the hum of motor vehicles was almost pleasant. The man didn’t seem to mid the chill in the air, for at least he was dry under the awning. His other hand played over the cold steel in his grey pea coat pocket, a Colt 45. automatic pistol that was standard military issue. He hoped there would be no call to use it, but then this was war; even if it barely involved men but rather information and secrets. America had been at war with Russia for little over a year now, but Terrance Sharp had been spying for much longer than that.

He watched each car that passed with interest, he was waiting for someone. Only he wasn’t sure who they were – All he had been told was that they had crucial information and they would meet him there at 2:15. He checked his watch: 2:17. ‘Whoever they were they weren’t very punctual,’ he mused to himself. He went over the sign and counter sign. The person would be wearing a red feather in their hat and be carrying a parcel. He would say, “The post has already been delivered for the day.” And they would respond, “And the ferry from Dover left at half-past.” He chuckled to himself because he wondered how drunk people had to be to think these things up. They never made sense and more often than not, were very much out of the ordinary for a regular conversation

He glanced at his watch again. It was nearing 2:20. He sighed and tossed a few francs beside the plate. He was almost about to leave when he caught sight of a red feather. His eyebrow rose in slight confusion. Moving towards him was a stately woman; her hair was tied up under the trilby hat she wore at a jaunty angle. Her skin was tan, which was accented nicely with a dark hued lipstick. She was wearing a tweed jacket that was near knee length and covered most of what she wore, but the bottom of her green skirt was visible. Her brown eyes glanced about the café before they alighted on him. Terrance’s eye twitched, how appropriate – A lady doing’s a man’s job and she was late. She was holding an umbrella and in her other hand a brown package tied with string. Terrance snorted, but didn’t move until she was near enough to him. “The post has already been delivered for the day.” He said softly. The woman smiled at him and gave a very carefree shrug, “And the ferry from Dover left at half-past.” She said as she closed the umbrella and slid into the seat across from him.

“You’re late.” He said flatly as he crossed his arms.

“And you’re rude.” She replied as she pushed the small box towards him. “Photographs of nearly a dozen Soviet spies.” She said simply.

“And how did you get them?” Terrance asked with bored look.

“I bought them on the black market.” She replied nonchalantly.

Terrance managed to keep from coughing in surprise.

“I’m aware you don’t think much of me, Mr…” she trailed off since she didn’t know his name.

“Terrence Sharp” He said. For some reason he knew he could trust her, even if he didn’t particularly like her.

“Jacqueline Carlyle,” she replied and then launched back from where she had left off, “Seeing as we have just met and as that I’m a woman, but I can assure you that I’m quite capable.”

Terrance laughed a little, “That remains to be seen.” He replied.

Jacqueline rose, and Terrence did likewise. Now that they were both standing, it was clear that Sharp was nearly six inches shorter.

“You don’t look like a spy.”Jacqueline laughed quietly.

Terrence smirked, “Neither do you, so that makes us even. Pleasure to make your acquaintance, perhaps we’ll work together in the future.” he said as he reached for his hat. He placed it on his head with a nod before he turned and left, the package tucked under his arm. Within moments he was lost in the crowd.

The rain had stopped for now, Jacqueline noticed, but she couldn’t help but feel that there was a storm coming.


I may be a little too excited for “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” which come out in August.